Four-Point Kft. bought the former Centrum store in Salgótarján in 2001 and leased it out after renovation. The store is still continuously under development. Due to long-term tenants, the company has achieved steady progress, with its equity rising to over 200 million EUR in 10 years.

Since 2001, our company, through the development and operation of real estate, has become a defining and key company in the region as regards its market position. In addition to the operation of the store in Salgótarján, we have also gained significant experience in hotel management.

Butik Design Rooms – Abádszalók

Four-Point Kft. has been operating Butik Design Rooms since 2013. When designing the building, the most typical environmental values served as inspiration, as we wanted to recreate the overall mood of the Lake Tisza area with the use of interior design.

The building shows signs of modernism, is open to nature and the environment, both in space and spirit. However, the most important fact is that Butik Design Rooms is a very special hotel as every room received a unique design.

In the Oak room, everything that could be produced from wood was made of wood. The special features of the Ice room are the reflective snow white floor and walls. In the Water room, the colours, atmosphere and surfaces remind people of water. The Boat room is the largest room and captures the essence of a ship. Every detail of the Fire room represents heat and life. The Bird room functions as a disabled room as well, with less furniture and maximum space.


Star Store

Four-Point Kft. bought the former Centrum store located in the city centre of Salgótarján in 2001 which it then renovated and leased out. The store is located on an area of 2,600 m2, on two levels. The development of the store is still ongoing. Due to long-term tenants, the company has achieved steady progress.