In 2013, our company implemented, partially from EU funds, its first 130 KW solar park in Jászberény for a hall. After the successful pilot project, we implemented a 300 KW and 220 KW small solar power plant investment on the top of the hospital buildings in Salgótarján and Balassagyarmat.

The solar parks provide sufficient power for Jászberény which is not only enough to provide electricity for the hall, but also to produce a surplus, which is sold on to MVM partner Zrt.

Solar panels in Balassagyarmat

Széchenyi 2020 “Environment and Energy Operative Programme” and investment (KEOP-2014-4.10.0/K)

With our involvement, Dr Kenessey Albert Hospital in Balassagyarmat, within the framework of the Environment and Energy Operative Programme, was granted a 100% non-reimbursable support of 172,710,220 forints from the European Union for the development of photovoltaic systems that directly transform the sun’s rays into electricity.

In May 2015, the installation of the systems was begun, with the placement of a total of 900 solar panels on seven buildings. A key objective of the support was to lower maintenance costs with the electricity produced. In addition to the reduction in the emission of gases causing harmful greenhouse effects, it is expected that the solar panels will cover approx. 15-20% of the hospital’s total annual consumption.

Salgótarján Solar Park

After Jászberény, we implemented our next solar park in Salgótarján within the framework of a public procurement procedure. As a result of the development, we have been ensuring the electricity supply for Szent Lázár County Hospital with a 300 kW solar system since August 2015.

The solar park consists of 11154 solar panels that are installed on the roof of the institute. Ideally, the system produces 320,000 kWh of energy annually, thus helping the electricity supply of the hospital buildings to a large extent. In addition to the reduction in operating costs, the advantage of our solar park is that it considers environmental aspects as well.

Jászberény Solar Park

In 2014, our company in parallel with the construction of a factory and warehouse in Jászberény, installed a 130 kW photovoltaic system in support of the power supply for the woodworking factory hall and to reduce the amount of electricity consumed. The investment was partially funded by the European Union.

It was the first solar park where we could demonstrate the effectiveness of the system that we developed for the first time. The solar park began to operate so efficiently that soon energy was being fed back into the electricity grid.