Research & development

With the help of Four-Point Kft., research funding ensures stability and security to support R&D work in an easy to follow manner.

Managing the development of the unique, 4D scanner with the help of the PIAC-13 grant fund supporting R&D projects is one of our priority R&D projects. Our company’s immediate, short/medium-term goal is to establish high level, internationally recognised services through R&D projects in the medical and IT fields by unlocking domestic know-how and creativity.

Interactive 4D image reconstruction scanner

Our company, with the help of 4D Anatomy LLC’s patent and the PIAC-13 grant fund supporting R&D projects, developed a special scanner in 2014 which helps doctors take rapid images of anatomical preparations systematically from all directions.

The 4D map that shows the details of the human body is no longer only a virtual simulation, but also a visual spatial reality with never before seen detail. In Hungary, due to the limited nature of autopsy training, this programme means an enormous help. The remarkably quick and at the same time very exact photography establishes the basis for a whole new teaching and demonstration method through which the realistic human body becomes available to anyone to study. More >