Our company has been devoting significant resources to the development of tourism since 2006. Our first application for tourism purposes was implemented on the shore of Lake Tisza in 2012. The implementation of the Butik Design Rooms with hot tubs, private jetty and water sport facilities was an innovative investment in tourism in Abádszalók.

Furthermore, in order to boost tourism in Abádszalók, we introduced Segway (a self-balancing machine) which is already widely used in other European countries.

Butik Design Rooms – Abádszalók

When designing the Butik Design Rooms in Abádszalók, the most typical environmental values served as inspiration, as we wanted to recreate the overall mood of the Lake Tisza area with the use of interior design. This was so successful that the hotel received the Innovative Accommodation of the Year award in 2014, which not only represented the recognition of our guests, but also the recognition of the profession.

The building shows the signs of modernism and is open to nature and the environment, both in space and spirit. However, the most important fact is that Butik Design Rooms is a very special hotel as every room received a unique design.

In the Oak room, everything that could be produced from wood was made of wood. The special features of the Ice room are the reflective snow white floor and walls. In the Water room, the colours, atmosphere and surfaces remind us of water. The Boat room is the largest room and captures the essence of a ship. Every detail of the Fire room represents heat and life. The Bird room functions as a disabled room as well, with less furniture and maximum space.

180m2 sized floating private jetty (Csapcse Beach)

Csapcse Beach (or ChapChe Beach) in Abádszalók is Butik Design Rooms’ 180 m2 sized floating private jetty on Lake Tisza. With this development, in our accelerated, fast-paced world, our goal was to help our guests leave behind the hustle and bustle of the noisy city and relax and rejuvenate in this unique environment surrounded by beautiful, unspoilt nature.

Csapcse Beach is more than a beach as here wakeboard, wakesurf, sup and unlimited relaxation await our guests. Our floating private jetty on the lake is located just a few minutes (approx. 200 metres) from Butik Design Rooms. The complete relaxation and rejuvenation of our guests are ensured by a hot tub, a drink bar, dinner and plenty of water sport facilities and programmes.

Butik Budapest

When designing Butik Design Rooms Budapest, we used the experience we had gained with the hotel in Abádszalók. Here we would like to share the essence of Budapest in an instant way with tourists visiting the place. The rooms that typically display themes of Budapest are given unique features with striking solutions: goulash served as part of the restaurant’s menu for tourists; the famous “matyó” collections sold in packed rows in Váci utca; the lángos eaten at a stall, at a table covered with a tablecloth with square design; the Danube River with colourful, sugary “dunakavics” and so on.

On the basis of these principles, the 10 themed rooms include elements that are important and recognised by tourists and provide “a real experience.” Using the hotel’s own app, guests receive detailed information (for their room) by visiting lesser-known routes and more authentic places, thus ensuring a lifetime experience rather than a single hotel room.

Segway in Abádszalók

Within the framework of the LEADER HACS promotion, we implemented an innovative development in order to boost tourism. The Segway (a self-balancing machine) was obtained in Abádszalók. Our goal was to help the town catch up with competitors in tourism, to serve the settlement’s and visitors’ daily lives by purchasing and using these tools.

No pollutant is emitted in connection with the project as the Segways are charged with the use of electricity generated by solar panels. The composition of services has improved in the settlement, with Abádszalók becoming an even more popular settlement from a tourist’s point of view as a result of our development.